Laravel 5.3 Scout + Elastic Search

24th Oct, 2016 | Work
Laravel Scout is a package that enables full-text search in Laravel, allowing you to play with a variety of full-text search providers such as Algolia and Elasticsearch.

Laravel 5.3 + Vue.JS 2.0 - Make VueRouter's History Mode Play Nicely with Laravel's Routes

21st Oct, 2016 | Work
On the Laravel side, whenever the $request->ajax() is false, the same route will always capture the request. So, we can safely define a catch-all route to redirect such traffic to the index() method of our resource controller:

Laravel 5.3 + Vue.JS 1.0 - Add Update and Delete Functionality

23rd Sep, 2016 | Work
So far we can create and read mailing lists. Today, we will add the Update and Delete functionalities and wire up our mailing list application as a complete CRUD app. If you just want to see the code, here it is on the Github.

Laravel 5.3 + Vue.JS 1.0 - Display Dates in User's Local Time

19th Sep, 2016 | Work
The objective here is to ensure the created_at and updated_at times are displayed relative to the time on the device the user is viewing the application on. This is as opposed to the server time - which by default, we have set to UTC in our server side config

Laravel 5.3 + Vue.JS 1.0 - Pagination + Sort

15th Sep, 2016 | Work
When the user clicks on a page number in the pagination, the application will call the fetchMLists() method after updating the scope values for the pagination. The fetchMLists() method will always use current page number and records per page parameters (which are initalised in the data function) when querying Laravel. These values are updated dynamically and so everything is wired nicely. When Laravel responds, it also sets the pagination data accordingly.

Laravel 5.3 + Vue.Js 1.0 - Create/Read

12th Sep, 2016 | Work
Let us see if we can create a Laravel 5.3 + Vue.Js newsletter application step by step over the next few weeks. The end goal is to able to send newsletters to a list of email subscribers and then collect and display stats, abstracting a mainstream email API (such as Mailgun/SparkPost).

Laravel 5.3 Auth - Allow Username and Email

8th Sep, 2016 | Work
The user can now authenticate using either their email address or username and must also be active to go through.